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National Powerhouse, Local Expertise.
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Frantic Films isn’t just a Manitoba and Ontario based production company, we’re your national production partner. We understand the unique needs and opportunities of filming across the country.

The Best Tax Credits in the Country

Leverage the strengths of each province’s incentives as well as the federal programs available to film and tv projects. Our head office is in Manitoba which has the highest tax credits in the country – a rebate of up to 65% of Manitoba labour, with no Canadian content rules, copyright ownership requirements, or caps! We can strategically split production and post-production between provinces, maximizing resources, locations, tax credits, and other financing opportunities.

Our Teams

Our in-house finance and legal teams are some of the best in the business and will ensure you maximize these credits. Our production and post teams will ensure a smooth and cost-effective production. The Toronto office has 14 offline edit and online edit suites overseen by our full-time post-production team, ready to elevate your project to the next level.

Federal Boost, Currency Advantage:

Combine provincial tax credits with federal programs and you’ve got a bankable credit that significantly impacts your project’s financing. Plus, take advantage of potential currency benefits!

Award-Winning Excellence:

We’ve delivered success across virtually every TV genre, with over 160 awards and numerous ratings records. From lifestyle to factual, reality to sports, comedy to drama, Frantic Films has a proven track record of exceeding expectations. We produce features, half and one-hour series, and one-offs for leading Canadian and international buyers.

Seamless Collaboration:

Our passionate team prioritizes your vision. We understand the needs of all stakeholders – co-producers, financiers, cast, and crew – ensuring productions are completed on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations.

And If You Want More…

Need a hand getting your project off the ground? We’ve got your back:

Concept to Greenlight:

Have a killer show idea (scripted or unscripted)? Our development team will brainstorm with you, refine your concept, and structure it to maximize those tax credit opportunities. We can even help you connect with Canadian networks and distributors to bring in even more funding.

Greenlight to Delivery:

Got the green light? We’ll analyze your budget, find sneaky savings, and calculate all the production tax credits and other funding options available. We offer full production services, handling everything from pre-production to post and delivery. Need a little cash flow boost while waiting for those tax credits? No problem, we can help you with interim financing too.

Moving Your Production?

Been filming elsewhere and want to switch things up? Frantic Films can help you make a smooth transition to Manitoba. We’ll find you studio space, connect you with a top-notch crew, and show you how tax credits can seriously boost your production value.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 20 years’ experience delivering every project on time and on budget
  • Award winning quality year in and year out across many genres.
  • A team dedicated to reducing your costs, maximizing tax credits and making your entire experience a total pleasure.
  • An extensive network of contacts across the country, strong relationships with all unions and guilds, long standing relationships with equipment suppliers and the top cast and crew.

Ready to explore the full potential of your next project?

Reach out to Frantic Films today. Let’s discuss your vision and see how we can make it shine brighter than ever.