The Feud

(1 x 1/2-hour Pilot)

We’ve all had disagreements with neighbours, colleagues, family members and friends, but for some, the issues escalate from mere irritations to all-out war. When that happens, things can really heat up and sometimes end up in court… or worse.

The Feud takes troubled relationships in extreme situations to a better place. Instead of fighting it out across the backyard fence – or in court – our participants will work with our highly skilled host, The Mediator. She’s a respected expert in conflict resolution with a take-no-B.S. attitude, who will help guide these would-be Hatfields and McCoys out of conflict and into resolution.

Not only will The Mediator provide The Feuders with her services, but she will also have up to $5,000 to help resolve the dispute. How she allocates this money will depend on the merits of each of their claims, their behaviour during the show, and their willingness to genuinely work together toward a solution.

All the work leads up to the pivotal moment when our Feuders must make their final choice: agree to a mutually beneficial outcome that will give them a cash reward or continue fighting.

Original Broadcaster: CBC

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