Rags to Red Carpet

(13 x ½-hour lifestyle series)

Rags to Red Carpet brings the glitz and glam of a Hollywood premiere into the lives of women who are in desperate need of a makeover. Throughout the show our beauty professionals share fashion, hair, style and makeup tips that will make a big difference to our “guest star” from their years of experience and from movie stars and fashion models. For the final reveal, our subject pulls up to a theatre in a stretch limo, dressed in a full gown with hair and makeup worthy of an award show. She does a red carpet walk with flashing cameras in front of her most adoring fans  – her friends and family. Inside the theatre everyone is treated to scenes from her new film – a transformation trailer featuring day looks, office wear and a variety of flattering styles.

The shows ends with our beautified subject taking a well-deserved bow and we montage in comments of her friends on her transformation – with an “on the spot” movie review feel.

Original broadcaster: CosmoTV

Distributor: Syndicado