Morimoto Raw

(1 x 1-hour special)

Join world-renowned Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto as he prepares to launch his multi-million
dollar namesake flagship restaurant, MORIMOTO.

Becoming the gold standard for contemporary Japanese cuisine in the culinary capital of
Philadelphia won’t be easy… that’s why Masaharu has enlisted the help of eminent restaurateur
Stephan Starr and design guru Karim Rashid to bring his life-long dream to fruition. Watch as
Morimoto and his team race against the clock to source the globe’s finest ingredients and
master complex dishes to perfect the ultimate “omakase” menu ahead of the open.

Will Morimoto realize his vision to become America’s premier destination for innovative
Japanese dining or will the viewer be left unsatiated?

Original broadcaster: Food Network Canada

Distributor: Syndicado

Winner: Morimoto RAW — Best Television Special