Makeover Wish

(26 x 1/2-hour series)

Makeover Wish asks people across the country to nominate someone they feel deserve a lavish, all-expense-paid home makeover. The focus of this series is on often forgotten small towns, giving the show a homey, rural quality.

Each episode begins with the touching, heartfelt words of a nominator, describing why their friend deserves a Makeover Wish. The nominator joins our production crew, host, and celebrity designer as they surprise the recipient at the front door. Tears flow as the recipient hears why they have been selected and is then whisked away to a nearby hotel for the weekend so that makeover magic can begin.

Over the course of the weekend, the nominator works with our team to renovate a room in the home. It’s a big budget, superbly executed showpiece. It could be a fabulous new bedroom, the world’s coolest family room (complete with state-of-the-art home theatre) or a spectacular living room.

Sunday afternoon the recipient returns for the big reveal. Emotions erupt as they explore a room that has been delivered to them with honor, love, and respect – not to mention a great deal of hard work.

Original Broadcaster: HGTV Canada

Distributor: Syndicado