History’s Toughest Soldiers

(1 x 1/2-hour episode)

Soldiers are tough. But there have always been those who are a cut above the rest.
History’s Toughest Soldiers is about how the best soldiers on Earth – past and present – fight, train and conduct themselves in battle. Men and women who protect us and allow us to sleep peacefully through the night.

Whether it is the SAS or the silent-kill teams of the Israeli Defense Force, the ‘new Samurai’ of the Japanese Army – or the US Special forces, these soldiers are given the tools and the training to do the unthinkable – to fight without mercy, to kill without hesitation if need be.

Hosted by Master Sgt. Bill Wolfe – an expert in unarmed combat who has trained soldiers around the world – this series will look at the training, the weapons, and the technologies used by the world’s toughest soldiers to do the impossible.

History’s Toughest Soldiers will take the viewer into Wolfe’s world: an unforgiving place where hard men face even harder choices – kill or be killed.

Distributor: Syndicado