High Maintenance

(8 x 1 hour non-fiction series)

Building a complex structure or system is an epic engineering feat requiring incredible attention to detail. If that structure should fail, the consequences can be immediate and devastating. That’s why ongoing maintenance procedures are just as important as the initial build – and “maintenance” can be extremely dangerous and complex. The men and women who carry out this critical and dangerous work often put their lives on the line, working against the clock in harsh environments to ensure that megastructures and critical infrastructure not only continue to work but avoid catastrophic failure.

Each episode of High Maintenance examines two unique and fascinating structures, systems or engineering marvels through the dangerous and extraordinary work required to keep them running as designed. From the complex networks of underground tunnels moving hundreds of thousands of people daily, to mountain top tramways ferrying passengers high above majestic mountain tops, every engineering marvel needs constant monitoring and maintenance to avert disaster. It’s tough, important work and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Welcome to the world of High Maintenance.

Original Broadcaster: Smithsonian Channel
Distributor: Abacus Media Rights