Campus Vets

(26 x 1/2-hour documentary series)

Campus Vets tells the dramatic stories of student veterinarians at one of the most renowned veterinary schools in North America: the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. This documentary series showcases the best and brightest young vets in training, as they pursue demanding careers of immense responsibility.

Shot at the WCVM’s Teaching Hospital – a full-service, 24-hour facility – the young vets discover that learning to save the lives of animals is the challenge of a lifetime. The series offers an inside look into their compelling efforts to save injured and sick animals. From the working ranch to the high-tech emergency room, Campus Vets chronicles moments where animal owner and veterinarian are bound together in a race against time.

Campus Vets
features an amazingly diverse range of animals, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. There are stories about companion pets and exotics, such as dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, iguanas, rabbits and budgies. There are also stories about large animals, such as horses, sheep, cows, oxen, alpacas and llamas. Then there are some really unique creatures, such as the hairless albino rat with the bad complexion, the arctic muskox with the bad molar or the psycho Chihuahua with the bad attitude.

Each half-hour episode blends the urgency of emergency medicine, an owner’s emotional bond with their animal, the high-tech strategies of modern veterinary medicine and unexpected moments of humor. Some of the more complex procedures featured in Campus Vets include an MRI scan on a dog followed by brain surgery, cataract removal on an alpaca, the removal of 20 feet of intestine on a colicky horse and a total hip replacement operation on a dog.

Campus Vets
is informative, engaging, immediate and provocative television. These real-life stories present articulate and motivated young people who are being thrust into emotionally challenging and physically demanding situations. Some will succeed and thrive on these experiences, while others may find the ordeals too much to bear. Viewers will be transfixed by the ever-changing animal encounters, dynamic emotional range and constant surprising twists in the series.

Original Broadcaster: Life Network

Distributor: Syndicado