Bulging Brides

(39 x 1/2-hour series)

Here comes the bride, all dressed… and wide? After months of stressful planning and bank-breaking expenses, the final test of a bride’s nerves is the stroll down the aisle in her wedding dress. All eyes will be trained on her, examining every inch of her in that revealing, ultra-fem gown.

Bulging Brides exposes a bride’s struggle to drop unwanted inches so that she can look her very best on her wedding day. The series is co-hosted by every bride’s “Dream Team”: personal trainer Tommy Europe and nutrition specialist Nadeen Boman.

Each half-hour episode features the story of a bride-to-be in the high-anxiety period less than two months before the Big Day. The bride has her dress, but it doesn’t fit. Wracked with stress from the wedding arrangements and unhappy with the thought of not looking her best on her big day, the bride-to-be has turned to the Dream Team as a last resort to lose weight and look breath-taking in her gown.

The intensity of the strict fitness and nutrition programs is heightened by wedding -elated events in the bride’s life, from menu tastings to the bridal showers, which are interwoven throughout the episode. Tempted by rich food and high calorie cocktails at every turn, the bride’s willpower is taxed to the max.

Will she follow the Dream Team’s disciplined path, or will she succumb to temptation? In the end, the measuring tape will tell the tale, as the bride steps into her gown for the highly anticipated final reveal.

Bulging Brides takes the appeal of every weight-loss program and ups the ante with the high anxiety stakes of an imminent wedding, delivering a half-hour of riveting television


Original Broadcaster: Slice

Distributor: Syndicado