Bomber Boys: The Fighting Lancaster

(4 x 1-hour documentary series)

Using a unique blend of living history elements, first-person interviews, CGI and never-before-seen footage from the Second World War, this series follows a new generation of young men – all of whom are descendants of WWII RCAF veterans – as they undergo training to become a Lancaster aircrew. While these new recruits struggle to come to terms with 1940s discipline, we hear the harrowing anecdotes of the “real” Bomber Boys – the veterans who flew into the night skies over Occupied Europe to fight in some of the most critical battles of the war.

As the two groups come together for a flight in one of the world’s only operating Lancasters and to visit prominent European war sites, a special bond emerges, building a bridge between the generations and giving new understanding to the experiences of those who fought in the Second World War.

Original broadcaster: History Television

Distributor: Syndicado