Air Dogs


(14 x 1/2-hour documentary series)

Two men, two flight plans…. one love….Aviation!

Capt. Robert J. Reichert aka “Rooster” is pilot who is recognised as one of the best of the best. Rooster’s flown just about everything: AWACS during the Gulf war, F-16s at Edwards, and lead solo position with the Snowbirds – some of the most challenging jobs in aviation. He is a pro; skilled, level headed, and experienced.

Mark Miller, while nowhere near Rooster’s pedigree as a pilot, is licensed recreational small plane enthusiast. He is also a science journalist who loves the science of what makes planes work and always has lots of questions

Originally commissioned for Discovery HD and Discovery Civilization, Airdogs focused on the science of aviation; what makes planes work and why have some planes been successful while others weren’t?

Air Dogs is also about the special relationship between Mark and Rooster. Two men, two flight plans…. one love….aviation. Whether it’s delving into the history of an incredible airplane or learning how today’s computer designed composite aircraft are manufactured, we’ll all about eh greatest aircraft ever flown. Each week Rooster, the man with the experience, and Mark, the man with the questions, take viewers on an informative journey through the world of Aviation.

Original Broadcaster: Discovery Canada

Distributor: Syndicado