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Pitchin' In

In the fun and rollicking new series Pitchin' In, Lynn Crawford is doing the unthinkable: quitting her job as Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Manhattan and hitting the road for the ultimate chef adventure.

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Fuelled By Passion: The Return of the Jets

Fuelled By Passion: The Return of the Jets tells the incredible story of the devastating loss and against-all-odds return of the Winnipeg Jets.

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End of Men

The End of Men is a film about the extinction of a way of life, a set of values and a kind of man.

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Assault And Rescue

Incredible firsthand accounts behind the 1976 Israeli Entebbe hostage rescue.

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The Opener

In this one-hour documentary series, Chef David Adjey takes us into his world and helps newbie restaurateurs open their dream restaurant.

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Rocket Booster Rescue

Join the teams who are responsible for recovering and re-assembling the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) that launch the Space Shuttle into orbit.

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