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The Surgeons

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This series takes viewers directly to the scalpel’s edge for powerful, emotional stories about the people whose job is to fight disease and save lives. With remarkable access to doctors and their patients, The Surgeons captures the high drama of life in the Operating Room.

Each episode features a top surgeon and the leading-edge techniques they use in medical specialties that include “awake” brain surgery, a double-lung transplant, a hand re-attachment, robotics and fetal surgery. From the skill and precision required to wield a scalpel to the heart-wrenching task of delivering bad news, the demands on most surgeons exceed the boundaries of normal human experience. Tracking the incredible highs along with the devastating lows, this is gripping television revealing the extraordinary world that is the everyday life of these modern heroes.

39 x ½-hour documentary series

Original broadcaster: Slice Network


  • Nomination: Gemini Awards — Best Lifestyle/General Interest Series
  • Nomination: Gemini Awards — Best Science, Technology
  • Nomination: Gemini Awards — Best Lifestyle/General Interest Series
  • Winner: WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival — Gold Award